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Monday, July 1, 2013

32 gb collection

Hello friends Few friends mailed me about 32gb collection. The cost is rs.6000 ASB and it is inclusive of the 32 GB pen drive. You can transfer money to the bank account I so specify. If you are interested maul me friends. My id gopinathactressfan@gmail.com

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hello friends .here is the image folder preview, if you need 32 gb collection mail me @ gopinathactressfan@gmail.com

Hello friends and policewoman fans,as i posted earlier i am going to release my 32 gb policewoman collection.Interested people can contact me through email and can buy. this post provides you the file list. the folders are 1.Unclassified Female Domination Scenes 2.Policewoman movie Scenes 3.Teleserial Policewoman Scenes 4.Unclassified policewoman Scenes 5.Real policewoman scenes 6.Full policewoman movies 7.Policewoman Images and a thing to mention.actually the size of all the other folders except Full policewoman movies is around 28 - 30 gb.i am going to pack the content in 32gb pen drive .if the size of one full movie is 700 mb .only three or four movies can be filled in the pendrive.i could not be able to send you all full movies.So you can send your priority order for full movies.so that i can fill the free space of pen drive as much i can with full movies according to your priority order. Here are the file list of videos.I will post the Policewoman imsges preview in my Next post.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hello friends. Very happy to see you after long time. Don't know about how your crush about policewoman moving on. I decided a thing. That I am going to give all my 32gb(30) policewoman collection which I have been collecting for 10 years. I will send all the data to a 32gb pen drive. If you need the files list please contact me. I don't have even a single kb of data more than this in my hard disk. My id gopinathactressfan@gmail.com